Use these resources as support for standalone investigations into The Battle of the Somme, or as thorough preparation or follow up work for your class’ visit to The Shrouds of the Somme in London. The activities enclosed encourage pupils to explore how the battle unfolded and the subsequent impact felt, both locally and nationally. They also seek to develop pupils’ skills across several subjects areas – numeracy, literacy, geography and history – through a varied set of primary and secondary resources.

PDF: Historical Enquiry – The Battle of the Somme (Key Stage 2)

PDF: Historical Enquiry – The Battle of the Somme (Key Stage 3)

These superb resources have been developed in partnership with University College London and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Huge thanks to Simon Bendry and Lynelle Howson without whom this would not have been possible.

Further resources:

Never Such Innocence

A multi-perspective ‘child friendly journey through the First World War’ that presents information through diverse means:


UCL Battlefield Tours

Resources originally intended for teachers and pupils participating in the battlefield tours programme, these thorough and well researched resources are hugely valuable to any Secondary school teacher:


National Army Museum 

For videos that support students’ exploration of the army more generally, as well as a film specifically about the Somme (there are also some gallery trails for classes who are visiting the museum itself):

CWGC Digital Archive of the 72,000

Any photos, stories or memories of the individual servicemen listed on the Thiepval Memorial can be submitted to our archive created by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to provide lasting legacy of those who gave their lives.